The 24 Hour Bride… It’s time!

10 09 2008

Dear Saints,

This is Adam Hood, a local watchman for the San Francisco Bay Area and I have an urgent prophetic charge for the hour. Since 2005, The Lord has used me to activate and mobilize united regional prayer and has repeatedly spoken to me the past 3 years that it’s time to build a house that pleases HIM. (Haggai 2:2-8) During the 10-day ‘Until’ prayer event in 2007 (where approximately 40 congregations and ministries of varying ethnos and denominations united in prayer for 240 hours of continual prayer), the Lord brought me to Luke 19:42-46. God was warning me that we are in a day of visitation and that He is requiring and gracing the Church in the San Francisco Bay Area to establish His 24-hour house of prayer for all nations, as a priority NOW. Since that time, Isaiah 62 has been a directive word from the Lord for the San Francisco Bay Area to come into the fullness of its redemption and glory. Yet there have been many distractions and great resistance, which have temporarily hindered this vision from coming to pass. Read the rest of this entry »