One Mile To Nehemiah, One Mile To Mount Zion!

20 07 2009

One Mile To Nehemiah, One Mile To Mount Zion

In a recent dream, I was on a highway and saw two green road signs with white writing, like the typical road signs you would see on a highway. The first sign read, “One mile to Nehemiah” and the second sign read, “One mile to Mt. Zion.” I woke up with such a sense of awe and wonder. Later that day, I shared this dream at a church service in San Francisco and right at that exact moment, a young man on the worship team received a photo text message of a green road sign with white writing that read, “God’s Love.……..Everywhere.” He jumped forward with such excitement that he grabbed the microphone from me and told the church how God was confirming this dream that I had. He continued showing people the photo as evidence. I believe that God is saying that His love everywhere is the outcome of our destination and we’re less than a mile away! Another local leader in the body of Christ had two dreams later that same week where he was shown that we are one mile away from God’s big breakthrough. He saw that this last mile would be very difficult but it would be worth it because it will be history making on a global scale. Read the rest of this entry »